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Passion and commitment in TPD

Did you know that most Australians have a form of insurance that protects them in the case of not being able to return to work? We didn’t, until Warren dropped us a message! Starting his firm in March 2019, Warren set out to make WKB TPD lawyers a leading TPD and  superannuation focused firm. He’s certainly succeeded! 



Warren came to us to help him with his branding and social media content as he understood the power of standing out in your niche. Together we set out to give him a plan and support him to become a leading voice in TPD in Australia. 

WKB TPD Lawyers


Working together since mid 2019 we have helped Warren add polish to his branding, reach his target audience on Facebook and LinkedIn, and grow his overall marketing efforts. From social media posts to video, facebook ads to LinkedIn strategy, we took a step by step approach to scale  up his content and support him as he grew his business. 

WKB TPD Lawyers


We are delighted to say that because of all his hard work, and forward thinking, WKB TPD lawyers has seen dramatic growth in its first year. From startup to a highly profitable business, Warren is a great example of the power of focusing on your key point of value and being honestly passionate about helping clients.  

WKB TPD Lawyers

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