Who we are

Meet the team

We love working with purpose driven, creative businesses, because that's exactly who we are! Our joint mission is to help grow businesses we align with through the power of amazing branding and marketing. As creative professionals we love the challenge of making things that will help our clients stand out. As a team we have an amazing diversity of skills and experience that our clients can leverage.

Creative professionals - creative professionals - creative professionals


CEO & Founder

As well as running BB, Mike takes the lead on creative strategy, brand messaging and helping clients drive business development. While he has degrees in Business and Law, Mike is at his heart a marketing practitioner. He’s lived and breathed creative branding and marketing, executing every strategy himself before transferring his knowledge to clients. His diverse experience is why he so loves unpacking businesses and helping them with everything from marketing, branding, social media and BD as a "CMO” for hire.  

While the business hat sits well, Mike is a content creator himself. From blogs to podcasts, video to social copy, he knows what works and what doesn’t. He understands our client’s journeys and is driven to be exceptional just like the clients we serve.

Outside of work Mike’s a dedicated husband, father of two and an avid martial artist. He trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu like it’s his job and gets to hold his gi pants up with a purple belt.


Project Delivery

Every business needs someone who keeps the wheels turning, keeps everyone happy and keeps delivery happening... and Slav is a master of doing just that. As a process-driven (read: spreadsheets, systems, lists) type, she makes sure our work is delivered on time (and on budget!). While she’s responsible for client delivery, her skills extend to dabbling in writing and design and holding the “Head of Critique” title internally. She knows what she likes, and we know when she doesn’t!

Slav’s not one to blow her own horn, so we’ll do it for her. Her superpower is her ability to manage the team, ensuring everything is of the highest quality while allowing the team’s creativity to flow. She has two Masters Degrees, has lived all around the world and is ridiculously good at everything she does. She brings a wealth of professional experience working in a range of large and small corporates, which is hugely valuable to the growth of BB.



Head of Design

Our resident design guru, Jes is our go-to for all things branding and design. A Sunshine Coast native, Jes came to Brisbane to study, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design (Graphic Design Minor) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Jes is all about capturing the personality of a company and translating it into their branding. As she puts it, ‘My creative approach is very human focused – I love to research, iterate and collaborate to create well-rounded designs that meet user needs.’ With an eye for detail, a knack for turning concepts into reality and a genuine love for communicating ideas through thought-provoking design, Jes turns her passion into her profession with every new client.

Outside of work Jes enjoys exploring the east coast, checking out live music, and trying her best to taste all the sour beers she possibly can.


Design Extraordinaire

Our graphic designer Katherine was raised by the beach and now lives in Brisbane while she wraps up her studies in Business/Fine Arts (Marketing and Interactive & Visual Design Major) at QUT. While she intentionally picked a broad degree to develop a wide variety of skills, her primary focus is graphic design & digital marketing (and she’s great at it).

Katherine enjoys discovering and telling a brand’s story through communication, both visually and with a strong messaging strategy. Her style reflects more minimalistic approaches, as she believes that in design less is more. At the same time she loves thinking outside the box and drawing on bold and edgy contemporary influences to create the perfect fit for clients.

When she’s not working, you can find Katherine by the beach or bingeing Harry Potter (books or films...though she agrees the books are better).



Creative Writer

As BB’s copywriter, Sonia is a big fan of words and communicating content in a clear, concise and engaging way. She enjoys proofreading and following up on grammar and punctuation rules (hence her alternate job title is ‘punctuation police’).

A creative non-fiction writer who also dabbles in poetry, Sonia is refining her writing skills and career interests through her Bachelor’s Degree in Laws/Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing Major) at QUT. She ruminates about various lifestyle and travel topics in her personal blog, and outside of work she’s an aromatherapy buff who loves to travel, see the world and get lost in a book or two.


Video Manager

Our video manager Mitch is responsible for all things video (including making the team look and sound awesome in them!).

Mitch found his passion for videography in high-school shooting skate and surf-films with his mates. After completing a Bachelor of Film Production at SAE Institute, he started his own video production company and has since worked with Brisbane City Council, Mercy Super, QMusic, Brisbane Street Art Festival, Newstead Brewing Co. and more.

A self-starter with many talents, Mitch uses his downtime to mange a local punk-rock band and creates handcrafted leather goods from his studio in Paddington, Brisbane.



Content Creator

Khan is the brain behind our TikTok and Instagram stories media. From a young age, Khan’s been passionate about storytelling through different mediums. He graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Screen Media Production in 2019. Since then, he’s gone on to direct and perform in a variety of productions, from narrative short films to music videos to TikToks – there’s never been a better time to pursue an interest in digital storytelling, and Khan’s desire to be forward-thinking and outside the box leads him to countless opportunities.

A budding creative, Khan occupies himself as a freelance writer, director and artist (when he’s not working on BB TikTok’s, that is).