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Emanuel Whybourne & Loehr

Craig Emanuel, Ryan Loehr & Tim Whybourne
Emanuel Whybourne & Loehr

“Since partnering with Beyond Billables we’ve now launched a number of projects we’ve had on our ‘wish list’ for some time with great success. Most notable is the launch of our podcast, The Exchange, where we’ve now hosted more than 36 episodes with more than 5500 downloads in just 10 months. Equally our website and brand refresh saw the same unwavering commitment from Mike and his team to ensure each step taken was aligned not only with our firm's combined vision, but also our strategic plan, which have truly set them apart. Thank you for helping us achieve remarkable results!”

Secure your wealth, grow your legacy.

While a relatively new brand, the EW&L team have worked for decades helping Australian families grow and protect their legacies. 

EW&L came to us for help creating an integrated marketing and content strategy, and for advice on the direction of the brand. 

As a firm, they understood how impactful social media can be; and the ways in which social media could help them to leverage valuable content they were already making for clientele.  In a nutshell, EW&L hoped to solidify their brand’s strategy and reputation for years to come; and reach a wider group of potential clients and referral sources.

From our initial strategy sessions, the BB team has gone on to work with EW&L long term, supporting all of their marketing and business development efforts. 

Together, we have executed on a detailed social media and content campaign – as well as the launch of their podcast The Exchange.

From brand identity, marketing and business development strategies, to refreshed visual design, a new website build, updated social media assets, and the promotion of multiple events; the Beyond Billables team has been excited to work with EW&L on every project possible.

We have comprehensively updated and improved all of EW&L’s branding and marketing efforts through a concerted focus on building a high value brand through content, improved client engagement and a variety of other strategies. We are very proud of the work we have done to assist the team and are excited by their continual growth and national expansion.