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Beyond Billables.

Brand strategy, social media marketing, and content creation (with a healthy dose of disruption). we help legal leaders grow their businesses and build a better profession, beyond billables.

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Starting and building a profitable legal services business takes strategy, insight and an insane amount of hard work (we’ve been there!!). For most lawyers this comes with little help and plenty of sleepless nights (we’ve been there too!!). So we thought.. why can't we do something about it? Why can't we help NewLaw, Legal Tech and Legal Consultants grow their business with great audio and digital content, social media, and advertising while getting personal support when they need it? So we did! It’s more than marketing, beyond billables.



Client Strategy
Brand Building
Social Media
Business Coaching


Audio Production
Creative Content
FB & Insta Ads

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Beyond Billables Podcast

We've spent the last two years interviewing lawyers and other professionals around the world to help share their amazing stories. From Sydney to New York and everywhere in between we meet with amazing professionals and share their journeys to inspire the profession to embrace change. Tap into all that knowledge and experience and lead a better law life on your own terms!


OUR work

We help clients like these grow their brands through podcasting, content and social media marketing.

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