The Sculpt Clinic

The body you want, down to the last curve

What does it mean to feel your best again? At The Sculpt Clinic the team provides a range of body and health services to help people look and feel their very best. 


In a competitive market it’s critical that you get your branding right from the outset. As a new business Sculpt came to us to create their branding assets and brand message while empowering them to think big about where they can take it over time. With a focus on serving the local community, but big plans to expand both their footprint and their product range nationally, we were brought in to ensure the branding made an impact. 

The Sculpt Clinic


Ultimately the sculpt clinic aims to attract a high end client who cares about aesthetics and values a special experience. At every point of contact the Sculpt Clinic team are focused on creating special moments while understanding the reality of their customers. 

We put together a colour palette and design aesthetic that was both aspirational and personal. Using a combination of muted colours and tones and combining that with strong imagery we were able to give them a luxurious but attainable feel. We feel the “s” and “c” logo is particularly striking and will play a large role in the brands future product lines. 

We are excited by the future roll-out of content and a targeted social media campaign we will be managing for the team.

The Sculpt Clinic


The Sculpt Clinic is a brand new client and after a promising start they are awaiting the lifting of present restrictions in Victoria.

The Sculpt Clinic

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