Peer Legal

Commercial, Expert & Responsive

Peer Legal is an ambitious and established law firm who pride themselves on providing commercial, responsive and innovative legal services that are best-in-class. Their team of experts are interested in questioning some of the long standing “rules” of practicing law. This fresh approach has allowed them to establish a reputation for exceeding client expectations.


Having grown their business in the last few years, the Peer Legal team wanted to elevate their brand. They wanted to continue to take on high end clients in a competitive legal services market where reputation is key. So, it became important for them to look the part.

Peer Legal Branding


We recognise that Peer Legal had established an initially strong brand, but they needed significant help in improving their overall design and aesthetic to appeal to higher-end clients. We were also determined to help the firm attract new “Peers” and equip them with the branding and marketing materials to help them ultimately attract, convert and retain more clients. The Peer Legal team were determined to maintain a connection to their previous branding and design but have it significantly freshened up. Within the overall project we created:

  • New branding and style guide
  • New log
  • New colours
  • Content and marketing collateral
  • Business cards
  • Promotional materials
  • Internal documents and templates
  • Social media templates
  • Business Development sessions and goal setting
  • Team training

Peer Legal Branding


Peer rolled out their new branding in April 2021 to significant positive feedback from clients in the industry. We are excited to see how Peer grows and will continue to support them in their overall growth trajectory.

Peer Legal Banner

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