Mission Law

Mission driven lawyers, for mission driven businesses

US based Mission Law is for founders and businesses with a need for expert, responsive and timely legal services to help them achieve their business ambitions. Mission Law is connected, invested and trusted with deep expertise assisting growth focused startups throughout the US who have a real purpose. With fully transparent and predictable pricing, Mission Law endeavours to deliver a better client experience, and better client outcomes. 



With an already successful practice Tony and the team at Mission Law approached us to help them build a great brand identity and a website that could help them take the firm to the next level. With a long term view and a desire to appeal to a very focused type of client the team understood the value of getting their positioning right both with their language and their design. They wanted to stand out to aspiring startups, founders and business owners who value expertise and a service focused on helping them navigate each stage of their business growth journey.

Mission Law branding image


We wanted to ensure the values of the firm were clear and represented the passion with which the team approach serving clients. Although they initially approached us just for a website it became clear that getting the positioning right first was critical. Our solution involved:

  • Brand identity, positioning and strategy
  • Design, logo, colours, Typography, design, imagery, brand assets 
  • Website design
  • Website copy
  • Website development in webflow
  • Marketing materials
Mission Law example work


Aligning perfectly with the founders vision for the firm we were able to create a dynamic, fresh and approachable design which differentiates Mission Law from their competition.

Mission Law marketing collateral

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