Mackay Chapman

Forward-thinking strategic litigators

Mackay Chapman are a leading financial services and financial regulatory disputes practice in Melbourne. In an ever more competitive environment, the team recognised the need to differentiate their services and focus on their core strengths in practice. By focusing on their strengths they are able to successfullydifferentiate their brand and the value they bring from their competitors.


The team at "Mackay Chapman" realised that while the practice was successful already, to take the next step they have to grow the brand to attract, convert and retain their clients and future joiners. Like most firms, for the first few years, the team have focused on slowly growing a reputation, however, they reached a stage where with growth in mind they wanted the firm brand to be more representative of them as people and practitioners, and something to truly be proud of. Ultimately for growing firms like Mackay Chapman if you are to attract great people, and great work, you need to define a clear identity in the market that resonates.

Mackay Lawyers and Advisors


We spent considerable time together discussing strategy and the type of identity that is important to the team. After nailing down their key strengths and values we were able to focus their brand messaging. 

Not people to rest on their laurels, Mackay Chapman was keen to nail their visual presentation and bring in elements of design and urban life that resonate with both the team and clients. Having a brand to be proud lifts the entire business both internally and externally.

We came up with a strong modern and contemporary brand design combining textures, urban art, and clean architectural lines.

As strategic lawyers who love representing “David” in fights with “Goliath”, it was important to focus content on trust and connection while grounding it in the values of the firm. For instance with our videos and other content we've taken a candid approach which we all feel best reflects the real human aspects of the work the team is involved with, rather than a staged or formal approach which would not resonate or stand out.

Ultimately, the team are great at articulating complex messages simply, and we work together to amplify this and reach a wider audience.

Mackay Chapman


While the campaign is just fresh, Mackay Chapman has without a doubt one of the sharpest and highest quality identities of any firm in Australia. On all levels, they stand out as real and focused on delivering outstanding results for clients. We're excited by the opportunities for growth and the content we will be making with the team moving forward.

Mackay Lawyers and Advisors

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