Green & Associates

Stand-out in a crowded market.

Green & Associates is an established criminal defence and disputes firm operating from the heart of central Sydney smack bang in Kings Cross. With a passion for clients and a long term connection to ‘the cross’ the team at G & A are not afraid to do things differently.


We started a campaign with the team at G & A to improve the way they attract new clients while staying real and connected to the clients they already serve. Ultimately G & A strive to be a part of the community and be top of mind whenever a potential legal issue arrises.

Green & Associates


From day one it was clear that the team were courageous and our type of client. Unwilling to simply follow the crowd, together we developed a brand strategy and marketing plan to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors in a way that would resonate with potential and existing clients. 

We built on their branding by focusing on urban and street art, bold language and content that their target audience would actually care about. Together with our partners Web3 we completed:

  • Brand messaging and strategy
  • Rebrand, style and brand asset creation
  • Landing pages and website updates
  • New social media campaign
  • Video, blog and other content for social
  • Lead and brand-building advertising campaign 
  • An ongoing google advertising campaign

Green & Associates Logo


We're proud to have worked with the Green & Associates team to help them both navigate the Covid crisis, and develop new sources of work. There's no doubt that the teams branding and content appeal directly to their prospective clients and are highly valued.

Green & Associates

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