Bowd Legal

Helping lawyers say yes

Bowd Legal is a leading consulting business that helps law firms tap into a pool of outstanding contract lawyers to help solve partners key resourcing problems. Having launched in 2019 Bowd has grown a very strong brand in a short period of time.


Our challenge was to help build the Bowd brand from scratch across the Australian legal market and help them attract both new consultants and new client work. Critically, as a values lead business Bowd is at the forefront of driving change in the profession and we are proud to play a small role in helping this happen.

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Our role with Bowd has largely focused on creating and distributing a broad range of content across social media. We helped with their initial pre-launch, and subsequently with growing the brand in the last 12 months. We make a range of written, design, video and audio content for the Bowd team and have predominantly focused on growing their brand on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. With our FB ads campaign we are able to drive over 85% of their traffic to the Bowd website.

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The entire Bowd team have done an amazing job to grow in its first year of business. They are establishing themselves as a distinct, valuable service that empowers partners to “say yes” and ultimately help them grow their practices. With a mission to bring real change to the profession in practical ways Bowd will continue to grow and make a real difference.

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