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The Power of Brand In Promoting Women's Sports

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Last year, during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, we marveled at how the branding overhaul had seen the sporting competition gain massive popularity,compared to previous years. 

Why was this? Because a crucial aspect of branding is creating a strong and compelling identity that can establish a connection with the audience, generate excitement, and ultimately lead to increased participation and support.

Fast forward a year, and another testimonial to the power of branding in women’s sports has made itself known. Let’s dive into the new brand identity designed for For Denver FC (FDFC), a women's football initiative that aims to bring a professional women's team to Denver.

Establishing a Strong Identity

A successful brand design begins with establishing a strong identity. For FDFC, founders Jordan Angeli and Ben Hubbard recognised the importance of capturing the attention of Coloradans and forming an identity that spoke to locals. So they partnered with design agency Wunder Werkz to create a brand identity that would speak to the state's values and characteristics.

Photo courtesy Wunder Werkz

Reflecting Local Values

Wunder Werkz expertly tied the visuals of FDFC to the natural landscape of Colorado. The brand design highlighted iconic visuals such as pine trees, mountains, and a color palette that reflected the changing seasons. By doing so, the branding immediately connected the initiative to the community that would support it. However, it also tapped into popular graphic motifs and design trends that were bound to appeal to the right audience.

While it was important to create a brand that felt authentic and homegrown, it was equally crucial to ensure that it was taken seriously. Wunder Werkz achieved this balance by combining custom illustrations capturing Coloradan symbols and traditional symbols of the sport with bold typography. The illustrations, rendered in a naïve style, eschewed the typical sleek and corporate feel of professional football.

Extending the Brand Experience

As we all should know by now, branding goes beyond just a logo and visual elements. 

Branding encompasses the entire experience. Both FDFC and Wunder Werkz understood this,  and applied the brand identity across a range of merchandise and promotional touchpoints. T-shirts, bumper stickers, scarves, posters, and a microsite all featured the FDFC branding, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for supporters.

Photo courtesy Wunder Werkz

The Success of FDFC's Branding Efforts

The branding efforts of FDFC, in collaboration with Wunder Werkz, have garnered significant success in promoting women's football in Denver. 

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with the organisation's first event selling out and over 500 pre-addressed cards being collected by supporters to send to Denver's new mayor, demonstrating their vested interest in the movement.

Not too shabby.

Creating a Fresh and Inventive Campaign

The branding stands out as a fresh and inventive campaign that challenges the norms of professional sports branding. By eschewing the typical sleekness and corporate feel, the branding embraces a more personal and inclusive approach.

Photo courtesy Wunder Werkz

This unique view on what a sports campaign could be has not only garnered the attention of younger supporters, but also set a new standard for branding in women's sports.

FDFC's branding efforts are a testament to the impact that branding can have on women's sports, and serves as creative inspiration for other initiatives looking to make their mark in the sporting world.

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