Customer Experience is brand rocket fuel

CX is a brand rocket fuel.

Branding is not just about how things look. 

It is not just about how things sound. 

It is literally about what people say about your brand when you're not in the room.

And you know what affects those conversations the most? 

It’s your client experience. 

It’s all the touch points from your outbound marketing to your service, your onboarding to your offboarding, your website to the smell of your office reception.

The rocket fuel for branding and marketing isn’t in one particular secret sauce.. It is in realising that all interactions, all touch points and all exposures feed into your clients and referrals ``experience” of your brand.. And therefore whether it’s good enough to send more work your way, or send it to your competitors. 

The task for us as expert firm owners? 

To create a consistently excellent experience, make that the focus of what we do, and use that to drive what our brand and marketing is, rather than trying to project out an idea of what it should be on the market. 

That’s why when we do strategy sessions with our clients we deep dive into the client/customer journey, we talk about process and service delivery, and we spend the time to understand not just what you say your brand is, but what the experience of your brand is (and can be). 

Ultimately, our job is not just to make you a pretty website or great branding, it’s to give you the insight to ensure your brand and experience align.

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