Branding for lawyers - 3 ways to attract bigger clients

Wishing to attract bigger clients in the future?  

Here are 3 key marketing ideas to consider:.

1. Target them directly. 

Whether it is building relationships, focused content, or a direct sales approach, you can have a strategy for big fish clients that’s very focused. 

With marketing we regularly talk about three approaches.  1. Spearfishing 2. Lure fishing 3. Net fishing. Going directly after key clients is “spearfishing”, creating a specific strategy for a specific target. 

2. Ensure that your brand and theirs are aligned. Businesses do business with other firms they are on the same level as (or aspire to be like). A lot of potential clients will judge your firm against your competitors, and if you look less polished, you’ll do harm to your chances of securing the work. Positioning and visuals matter. 

3. Think bigger. 

Most expert firms are built off the back of landing one big client. It ultimately gives them the financial leverage to grow. Ask yourself if your positioning, messaging and approach would give bigger clients the confidence to give you the work. If it doesn’t you need to change it to project confidence. If you aren’t sure if you can do it a client certainly won’t be. 

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