Branding and design is a US$162 billion industry and growing

US$162 billion!!

We’re dropping the curtain on the branding industry today to give you a little sneaky peek into the inner workings of what we do. 

Did you know the global branding and design industry is worth over US$162 billion and growing? 

From digital transformation to changes in buying behaviour there are some huge megatrends that are driving the growth in design. What’s fascinating as well is the huge increase in designers and professionals needed to service the increased demand. 

Why is it interesting? 

Because even in an industry with lots of software and DIY options, businesses need expert tailored help. So wh ile there are great tools out there, they are actually powering even more personalised and expert service. 

As the digital and real worlds meld design will have a key and increasingly important role in brand and messaging continuity which bodes well for continued industry growth. 

For our professional service clients we see web3.0 playing out over the next decade or so similar to the slow realisation that you need a great web presence. In a decade having web, social, content, in person and event marketing completely aligned will be the norm, not the exception and we’re super excited to play a part in this evolution.

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