How much does it cost? Branding, Websites, Content 

How much does it cost? Branding, Websites, Content 

What’s your budget? This piece is all about what things cost, and why!

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Just how crucial is creating a great client experience?

The power of amazing client experience

Why great CX can crucially benefit professional services businesses, and how to do it best.

What branding and marketing services cost

How much does it cost? Branding, Websites, Content 

What’s your budget? This piece is all about what things cost, and why!

Tik Tok for lawyers

Tik Tok for lawyers - What you need to know

Tik Tok? Lawyers? Yes, it's hard to believe, but the truth is that a lot of lawyers are making inroads on the platform. How? You'll have to check out our new vi

confused man with box on his head

If I built you a website without knowing your business, do you think it would suck?

Recently on a call discussing a website project I had to laugh when, mid-sentence, the client said “Mike, I had this all “arse-backwards”. Putting aside the...

branding agency

Hire someone, or use an agency?

A lot of law firms get to a point where they know they need to invest more in their branding and marketing, but don’t know if they should internalise the res...

how to choose thumbnail

How do law firms choose a brand or marketing agency?

So you need help with your brand, your website, your marketing or your social media? There are a million agencies out there. So how do you choose?

Beyond Billables Podcast for lawyers

Beyond Billables Podcast with Amy Sanders-Robbins

Today's show is a great chat I had with Amy Sanders-Robbins. Amy is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Director at Bespoke Family Lawyers.

Comic sans for law firms

Fonts - Did you mean to be funny?

Imagine if a prestigious law firm used Comic Sans as their font..Now, don't get us wrong...Comic Sans definitely has its place in the world...But it's use on...

Become the expert in your field

Expert, or servant?

Have you ever tasted competence? Tastes good, right? This is something David C. Baker, a host of one of my favourite podcasts (Two Bobs) loves to say when ...

5 Branding blog

5 Branding and marketing mistakes to avoid if you’re starting a new business

Let’s be honest, the first time you do something, it usually doesn’t go too well.. And that’s normal - you don’t know what you don’t know. You have never been..

productise your business blog

Productised vs customised - What you need to know before productising your service

“Productising” and automating are all the rage in professional services, and for good reason - it can be a great way to make money. However, some of the...

20 ways to kickstart your business in 2021

20 Ways to grow your business in 2021

Keen to move on and grow your business in 2021? Join the club! So many business owners were stuck in Covid hell last year but have real opportunities in 2021...

8 hugely important lessons

8 Hugely important lessons to propel your business in 2021

What a hell of a year since the lockdowns started. Let’s not sugar coat it, this has been one huge, turbulent and tiring ride...

Brands with purpose

7 Purposeful brands changing the world

We love brands with purpose, and these are some of the great ones in Australia out to change the world.

5 invaluable business books

5 invaluable business books to kickstart your 2021

Check out these 5 invaluable business books to help you grow in 2021

SWOT analysis

What is a swot analysis (and why it matters to your business)?

What is a SWOT analysis? (and why should you care?)

influencers and collaborations

Brand & Marketing - Our monthly round-up

Check out our very best videos of the last month! From Travis Scott Collabs to Supreme and Ocean's Spray!

BB Blog

You’re right. It’s not me, it’s You. 

What’s the biggest mistake most businesses make with their website, sales or marketing copy? Making it all about THEM! 

linkedin marketing and branding strategy

7 ways to supercharge your legal business on LinkedIn

Making the most of the golden age of LinkedIn is critical for any B2B business.

Creative marketing - How to stop being such a scaredy pants

Creative marketing - how to not be such a scaredy pants

How to overcome fear and nail your business marketing.

creative marketing content and branding for generating leads in business

The lead generation equation

Creative content + effective distribution + valuable offer = Lead generation