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Our Purpose

We're a team of passionate marketers and inspired creatives with a drive to empower legal services business that can change the profession for the better. We don't just talk about marketing or innovation because we learned it in a seminar. We've built two national services brands, created an international podcast, written an enormous amount of copy and run campaigns for dozen’s of firms.

We don't like generic solutions. We start everything with getting to the bottom of what our clients want for their business, then tailor a clear plan on that basis. We want our clients to be proud of their business and brand, and know they are moving towards achieving their ambitions.

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“We’re hell bent on helping our clients build a profitable, secure business, while ensuring it delivers on their personal ambitions.”

For us, helping business leaders with high expectations achieve their ambitions is personal. You see, we've been there ourselves. The sleepless nights, the worry about cash flow, the “not knowing what we don't know” and the lack of support.. We've lived every step of building a business (twice) and want to share the secrets and our teams talents to help you grow yours. So instead of making “just another agency”, we created Beyond Billables.

That doesn't just extend to our podcasts, blogs or events. Our process and service offering had it's genesis in solving the key problems professional legal services businesses have. Making sure we help our clients grow their brand and increase their bottom line, while supporting them to achieve their ambitions is at the heart of all we do. That's why we don't just talk about brand, or social media, or advertising. We are legal industry experts with 15 years of unique experience hell bent on helping our clients grow.

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Check out how we help professional services firms grow.