Why we don't choose "cheap" experts

Do you always choose the cheapest option?

Let me give you some context… 

If you need a surgeon do you choose the cheapest you can find?

If you need a lawyer do you choose the cheapest you can find?

What about something simple like a car.. Do you just find the cheapest thing on wheels?

Probably not (I mean if so then knock yourself out, but you’re probably not going to be a great fit for us!). 

At BB we’ve always been incredibly mindful of pricing, and value pricing has been in our very DNA since day 1. But in the branding and creative world there are huge discrepancies and choosing a “cheap” option can be dangerous. 


  1. We see our work as adding value to our clients business, and as such as a direct investment. Doing things “cheaply” doesn’t align on any level with a mentality of growth or serious investment in a serious business that can make serious money. You don’t choose a “cheap” lawyer, “cheap” architect or “cheap” surgeon for good reason and you shouldn’t trust your business value to a cheap agency. 

  1. We are uniquely expert at what we do. With decades of legal and professional services experience, and a great team of creatives, we offer something our competitors don’t. We deeply understand legal and professional services, what is important to our clients and to their markets, and are able to consistently execute on that.


  1. Branding and marketing projects take a hell of a lot of work and time. Without giving you all the secrets, we’d ordinarily have at least 4 people work on each project in different capacities. All of them are university trained professionals with great skills. Doing great work takes a great team, and great people need to be paid! 

  1. Time constraints harm great work so we take that off the table by not charging for time. Our best work comes when we stop looking at the clock and go deep into what is going to best serve our clients and best communicate their message to the market.

We do amazing work, unique in the entire legal industry and price on a value basis to align with our clients business needs. We also understand the need for flexibility in pricing and always work with our prospective clients to create solutions that work for everyone

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