Why old school is still the best school for marketing 

Think you have to “change” to keep your law firms marketing up with the times? Think again.

Old school is still the best school for social media marketing - It’s just how you do it.

Here’s 5 reasons why. 

1. No one likes a show off - you don’t need to talk about how good you are. Your work or clients do that. 

2. Talk about others -  No one likes the person who always talks about themselves - Stick to value and not talking about your services all the time. Stick with building up others by telling their stories.

3. Quality matters - Don’t fall for the quantity trap. Make valuable things of quality and you will stand out for the right reasons. While it is important to be consistent, and there are huge opportunities to find an audience, you still need to be good.

4. Don’t talk about money - No one cares about how much or little you make except yourself. If it feels cringeworthy, it is. There is no such thing as a "humble brag", it's a brag.

5. It always pays to look your best - Brand matters. You put on a suit to see a client. Having great branding is your suit. 

So if you’re a bit “old school” lean in to these great attributes that will see your brand beat the young bucks. 

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