Video - DIY or Paid? The complete guide to the cost of legal marketing

Last but not least in our “DIY or Paid? The complete guide to the cost of legal marketing” is video content!

Video like audio has been growing significantly in importance for anyone executing on a content marketing strategy.  So much so that we ourselves have been investing heavily in video this year with great results.

Whether it is video you use on your website like an explainer, daily video you upload to Instagram stories, or video ads you use on Facebook, it is important to consider video in any content mix you decide on.

Each of the different social media platforms approaches video slightly differently, but it is important on all of them for organic reach and engagement.

Because people consume video differently it is worth thinking about how you can create different types of video for each platform. For instance on Facebook people on average watch only ⅓ of the entire video (usually around 19 seconds worth), so making shorter form video makes sense. On Youtube however people clearly go there to watch and engage with video in longer formats, so that is where your long form will get more engagement.

Video dominates other forms of content for engagement rate as well. In fact it gets 59% more engagement than other forms of content. To check out more on the power of video on Facebook check out this awesome piece from Buzzsumo

So why isn’t everyone producing more?



Have a smartphone? You’ve got everything you need to make video. The quality of the camera’s are so high now that you never need a higher amount of pixels.

For the DIY crew the following are must haves:

  • Solid smartphone
  • Lav microphone or small smartphone microphone
  • Camera stand with smartphone attachment
  • On phone editing applications like “Splice”, “Cutstory”, “Clips, or “VideoShop”
  • Video editing software like Adobe Premier, Apple iMovie or Filmora.

I’d definitely invest in a few days of Youtube “how to” videos. Creating good video content takes skill, so if you want to learn just take your time and get your hands dirty. In the end the more you do, the better you will become.


For a lot of time poor professionals ultimately the only option for using video will be to engage a paid service. These can range from students looking for extra work to real film makers who create brilliant corporate stories. In the last year we have been making candid, personalised video for clients which has great results.

Most of the market seems to focus on promoting themselves as wedding videographers but they will generally do a mix of work!

Having a clear idea on what you want to achieve is obviously important before speaking to a few and getting quotes. We have found the range of quotes has been enormous. For instance for an explainer video we have been quoted over $5000 for the same video we ended up getting done on Fiverr for $1000. For live video where the videographer comes to you and then has to edit the price usually starts at around $1500 on the cheaper end for a short 30 second production but can be ten times that depending on the videographer in question.

You will tend to pay for a certain amount of time on site and time for the video itself, so when getting quotes be very specific about what you need.

It’s surprising that there are fewer “video as a service” providers but they are starting to pop up. They will offer you a set package each month which will usually be a certain length video produced by them in the same way and with a set amount of recording time each month.

If you want help with your videos we make a broad range for clients and would always be happy to discuss packages that can work for your business.

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