Tik Tok for lawyers - What you need to know

Tik Tok? Lawyers? Yes, it's hard to believe, but the truth is that a lot of lawyers are making inroads on the platform. How? You'll have to check out our new video over on Youtube to find out!

We've just started a new video series focused on social media, branding and marketing for lawyers... that isn't boring!! We've been able to share our recent and upcoming podcasts guests insights in the videos as well as given our take. We have a series of 10 coming in the next few months dealing with every platform, websites, content and everything else to help lawyers and law firm owners grow more valuable firms in 2022 and beyond.

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For five years now, tik tok has exponentially grown from musically to an app where only teenagers and kids were doing dances and main jokes on to now being in the mainstream. And by mainstream, I'm talking professionals, like lawyers, like real estate agents, like recruiters who are using Tick Tock successfully all around the world.

Think the platform that is there for the long haul is Tick tock, then LinkedIn, and then podcasts. And it's those three, that I think my professional ish client base consume media, the one I get work from most is Tick Tockeasily. This probably doesn't surprise you that Tick Tock is being used by professionals, but what might surprise you is, how they're doing it and why they're doing it. So what's driven tiktoks growth compared to other platforms, while largely discoverability, the algorithm delivers things that you want to watch far more accurately than other social media platforms do.

In 2020 tik tok explain how they're for you feed actually works. The algorithm tik tok uses it's based on a variety of different factors, the videos, you've watched the big lie, the videos, you comment on the people, you follow your place in the world, your language and the type of device that you watch it on, by putting your content in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in it tiktoks, ensuring that you get more engagement, that you get more followers, and that you end up spending more time making content on the app. Too dark is not just some mindless entertainment app, it's also a great marketing tool.

Tick tock, of course, yields huge dividends for the time, it allows you to spend 90 seconds on it and have watched six or seven very interesting videos, and then you can go away, and you can not check it again until tomorrow. And if one of mine happens to be in the six or seven. And if that happens for a year, then you and I all of a sudden have a fairly deep relationship. Then again, if you don't like what I had to say, and don't find it interesting, I won't be popping up on your phone. So I'm only there saying hello to people who already want to hear from me. And the huge benefit in that is that they will come and pre qualified.

Making a great piece of content that builds trust with your potential client saves you a whole heap of time, especially if you can reach literally 10s of 1000s of them at one time. With all that time saved reaching clients and an audience that's going to be interested in your content. You can invest more in a creative, or do you really have to. Let's have a look at some of James's most recent content. Through his q&a videos. James is doing something very smart is using comments from users that are engaged with these videos already. And it creates a discussion around the piece that's going to be valuable to the people who are actually watching the videos. Sure, we'd

like to do something better. why don't why don't why don't we do something stupidly meta just just while we're here, I'll just stop recording this tik tok, I quickly looked at the high court and viola and I actually did a copy of the case. What we then have is me now being relaxed that I've done Tiktok engagement for the day, I think it probably took about a minute, a minute and 10 seconds q&a gives you a chance to leverage that time.

Now if you're inclined to get a little bit more creative with your content, there's also plenty of other avenues on the app.

My content by this point gets three to 4 million views every month. And if you think about how much that cost to get from Google ads, or something like that, you can calculate the value of whatever content you put out there people are watching, and they will recognise what you're talking about. And they will learn about the company without

school marketing costs a fortune to reach an audience. But people like Alex and James are realised that we've taped talk, they can reach an organic audience and not pay for it. But with this in mind, why don't we see more professional services leveraging the app yet?

There's this there's this moment right now where it's it's kind of fuzzy, because there's no established metrics around it. It's not like say, I put in $100 I don't get $100 of business out of it. It's kind of amorphous. Of

course, there's no guarantees that you keep talks will go viral. But if you're not in it, you can't win it. While it might seem to be early days, and there aren't so many people on the app just yet. That's exactly why you need to be on that. People are already successful and you can see that success. Through the growth of their businesses, the fact that it isn't oversaturated yet but you can still reach a huge audience is why it's such a great opportunity. If you learn anything from this video, like and subscribe and any comments, drop them in, we'll come right back to you. linked here are videos that you might like so feel free to check them out. As always, thanks for watching.

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