The right strategy depends on your timeframes

One of the BIGGEST questions we see our audience thinking before they jump into investing in their brand, content or website is - what is the ROI on my investment?

Although I’ve heard people like Gary Vee say “if that’s the question you aren’t ready to invest”... I tend to think differently. 

I think it is a very important question and critical to answer. 

The problem is though, with branding, content and websites, the answer is detailed and somewhat complex. 

In short, any branding project should, in one-time frame or another, be increasing the business's value, delivering more clients, more referrals, better conversions, for a longer time and at a higher price point. 

The issue is how to quantify each bit. This is where brand and sales diverge. 

So what is the answer for most businesses? 

If done properly an improvement in all the “attract”, “convert” and “retain” metrics in the business, but over time periods that make it difficult to quantify short term. 

The reality is that if you need the short term solution,  you should be focusing on different strategies (direct sales /advertising etc).

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