The lead generation equation

Many people think creative content on its own is all they need to generate leads. They write blogs, make videos or create podcasts.

The truth is, they’re only partially right.

Creative content on its own is expertise, trust and reputation building. It’s about getting attention and using that little bit of time when you are in front of someone to make a great impression.

It’s incredibly important to get attention, build trust and get an opportunity to make that into something more. Without this first step, you don’t get the chance to make a sale. If you do it poorly you don’t build trust and if it’s not creative no one pays attention. Whether you follow the "rule of 7" or "14" or whatever new mantra marketers are spouting, touchpoints with your business through creative content are essential. But it’s just one part of the equation.

Creative content + effective distribution + valuable offer = Lead generation
  • Creative content (only stuff that builds trust + expertise and differentiates you from your competitors for a good reason) - blogs, podcast, video, social post. Note, creative!
  • Effective distribution- how many, who and how often the audience you want sees your creative content- social, ads, newsletters, mail outs, marketing lists etc.
  • An offer of value (to the person who’s attention you now have which they will exchange contact details for) - unlikely to be a paid service- checklist/workbook / free call/webinar/presentation.

Do all those things and you have yourself a glorious repeatable lead and opportunity machine (not a sales machine though, that’s where your bd and sales process kicks in).

But Mike, sometimes a piece of content is enough on its own.

Yes, sometimes.

Usually for very discrete or very immediate ‘hair on fire’ needs.

Is that predictable, repeatable and measurable? No.

Do we want to do things that are repeatable and measurable if you want to grow your business? Yes.

But why?

Because we need to do repeatable things to get enough consistency to then confidently invest in the business (new staff / more marketing etc). That is what creates a flywheel that is self-sustaining. When you have consistent leads you can breathe easier and make the hard decisions to grow your business, it's as simple as that.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

Stop expecting your content to do all the work. Stop wondering why you don’t have leads if you don’t distribute it consistently and effectively and have an offer of real value to the right market.

Content builds trust, it gives you the opportunity, but it’s not the full story if you want a business growth flywheel.

Which brings me on to the final point.

None of this is sales.

Once you get a lead you need a repeatable process to convert them to a client. You need to qualify them and have a process to build relationships with the most likely client to convert. You need to keep building and nurturing trust. Whether that’s your bd process of coffees every 3 months, or a detailed sales and nurture process, or a great landing page if they have an immediate need, this is the point money is exchanged. If no money is exchanged you either have a poor bd and sales process, or a poor product. Businesses who want to grow need a machine with all the parts working together.

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