The 50/50 marketing budget

How do you divide your marketing spend? 

50/50 between long term brand building and short term leads ?

If so.. Congratulations! That is the best way to grow your business not just in the next 3 months, but in the next 5 years. 

The thing is… most businesses don’t. 

Most firms focus on the here and now because they only have a short term view of their business. 

In theory, sure they know they will be around in 3 years, but they do little to ensure they are taking advantage of that time by building their brand.

The truth about branding is that it is lead generating.. Just not in the short term. 

It is the investment in longer term leads so that you don’t always have to spend the same amount on short term acquisition. 

We all know the power of a brand. 

We all know it takes time to build a reputation. So if your business isn’t spending dollar for dollar on its brand that it is on its short term acquisition all you are doing is costing yourself a huge amount of money in the long term. 

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