Content Marketing - DIY or Paid? The complete guide to the cost of legal marketing

Making great content that builds trust with your clients is critical no matter the size of your business.

Great content can make you stand out as a thought leader, build trust in your expertise, and give clients insight into why they should use your services.

Great content is not just about authority, it is about GIVING value to clients about things that interest them.

You should aspire to stand out in your niche as the “go to person”. That is what thought leadership is all about and is critical to setting your business up as “trusted advisers”. Trust is built through content over time that is consistent and valuable.

Why are we so passionate about content? Because we built a national brand off the back of a great podcast and blog that more than 15 x our website traffic.

The key question is not whether you need content, but how to make enough.


Most businesses try and do their own blog content. We know because we have to read a lot of it on LinkedIn and it makes our heads hurt. It usually involves talking about a change to a law, a service you provide, or something equally boring to your client. It is possible to overcome this with application, so if you are going to be creative give yourself permission to actually make something interesting, in a form your client wants to consume.

  • What do they want to read/ listen or watch?
  • How are you giving them value?
  • Is it interesting enough to get their attention?
  • What is important to them?
  • Is the piece improving the way the audience/ client perceives your brand?

These are some of the key questions to ask every time you write a piece of content.

To do so most people will need a lot of practice.

So start a secret blog, write on topics outside the norm, do an online course on copywriting, read lots of articles and listen to podcasts. Write 20 pieces, get feedback on them, and go back and make them better.

Can you become a great writer? Yes. It is just time and effort.

Beyond blog articles the other side of the written content coin is creating pieces of value for your clients. They could be downloads that they can get off your website (in exchange for their email address) or something you give them as part of your on-boarding process. These will usually include an extensive design element as well as the copy. You can use resources like Canva, Google Slides and other design tools to make valuable content for your clients if you have the design skills. Remember to make something that is valuable to your client and can lead them to taking an action (like contacting you!!) and don’t be afraid to give away your best stuff! You are the trusted expert that can help them remember!

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