Content Marketing - 3 Ways to Use Podcasts for Business Development

Your content marketing strategy should always use mediums that can give you an edge over your competition. If you are using a medium or platform that your competition isn’t that means you have an edge. The other key part is to make quality content consistently but the other big factor to take into account is how you get more eyes on your content and grow your audience.


One of the most effective content strategies to think about is audio and podcasting. Audio offer an amazing way to deliver highly personalised and quality content to your audience in a very efficient way. It can also be consumed passively which means your audience can be driving or commuting or even sitting at their desks at work and be consuming your audio content whilst doing something else. In today’s marketing landscape with so much content for people to consume you are in stiff competition for eyeballs. So why not try their ears and distract them even more! Seriously though engagement levels for audio and podcasts are out of sight so this is an area we think more professional services businesses should be operating in.


So what are some of the ways you can use audio to drive your business development strategy moving forward and what are some of the advantages of audio compared to other ways of delivering content.


Traffic Generation


Podcasting will no doubt help you reach a far wider audience and push more users to your website. By broadening out your audience and getting the attention of new prospects you can grow out and develop your following and traffic levels far more effectively.

 For example when we speak with people about how they heard of Beyond Billables, they inevitably say “the podcast”. Of course you don’t have to have full blow podcast show that becomes synonymous with your brand, all you need is to be delivering your content via audio and engaging with people in this way.



 Podcasting and audio is a tremendously effective way to collaborate with other experts in your field. If you happen to do a guest based show than even better as it will open up doors for you that would otherwise be hard to pry open. Reaching out to an important and/or busy person to pitch them can be a waste of time. However reaching out to that person to ask them to speak on your podcast or offer some expert commentary for a piece of audio is an easy sell and one that most people would love to do not least of which because it gives them exposure also.

 The reality is most leaders love to talk about themselves and their businesses or ideas. By inviting them on your show, you are showing them how much you value their insights, and then, they know exactly who you are too which is far more effective than a cold email. What's the value of an hour of face time with a prospective client?

 For example we are always on the hunt for exceptional stories and professionals to come on our main show. The people who stand out in their areas of expertise are usually in high demand. But the growth of the Beyond Billables Podcast in the past 18 months and the the BB brand we have built over this time means we almost always get the guest we want on the show. This is huge, because it’s an opportunity for them to get exposure through our show and an opportunity for us to provide our audience with value through the interview content. In many cases, once podcast guests see how much of a bump they get from the show, it becomes a no brainer for them to speak with us about some of the services we offer that can help their grow their businesses. From the beginning we have been fortunate enough to convert guests on the show into clients.

 Now imagine you are lawyer with a particular speciality. For example you are a expert in French and Australia Investment channels and help French start-ups set up in Australia and vice versa. Imagine being able to get a leading French start-up founder to speak for 10 mins about how they brought their start up here and how you helped them. Not only do you provide them with a case study through audio content but you also demonstrate your services and develop trust at the outset through the client example you have provided. It’s like a really high level and ongoing testimonial.


Building Close Relationships with Listeners

 By talking in your own voice to listeners, they are able to connect with you and your organisation on a deeper level than for example reading a blog post. You can share your ideas, experiences and give your audience an insight into your personal brand and business journey also. Its a very effective way to build trust and establish credibility in the market and this will be amplified through your guests sharing the content also which they inevitably do.

 The reality is people are more likely to use a product or contact someone who they feel as though they already know or can connect with. Is there a more intimate way for your clients to get to know you than through a podcast or audio? Beside meeting in person we can’t think of one.

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