Clients choose the least risk option

Controversial statement time - Price matters way, way less than risk.

If you provide a high-value service, price is way, way down the line of priorities for your best clients. 

Don’t believe me? 

Think about how you choose something important. You want the best person, you want the best experience, and you want to see that they have done it before. In the end, you are choosing the least risky option to deliver on what you want. Price is a really small factor in that situation. 

Now I can almost predict the push back.. “You can’t just charge anything Mike”.. And you are right… you do have to still be at a price point your client can actually pay. But that is a long way from being “cheap”. 

But so what? Why does it matter? Well, it matters because a lot of businesses get hung up on price, and then do silly things like talk about affordability and being “cheap”.

If you are providing an expert service, that you want to be valued, and you want to attract the kind of client who understands that it is important, then you really don’t want to focus your messaging on price. Whether that is in your marketing material, or during a sales meeting. 

In the end if you want clients who value what you do and understand it is important, focus on making sure they see you as the least risky option. 

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