Brand positioning and strategy is critical for legal and expert firms

KNOWING who you are and WHAT you provide as a business AND successfully COMMUNICATING this to your TARGET clients is fundamental to the success of your business.

But for a lot of businesses, a lot (or some) of the above is somewhat unclear. 

This can manifest in many ways. 

It might be that you’re unsure that your marketing message is right with your content, or that your team's BD efforts are on point and focusing on your key points of difference. 

Whatever it is, the doubts we have get clearly picked up on by our clients (or prospective employees) and undermine our efforts. 

People are attracted to conviction, so if you are unsure of who or what your business is you are going to struggle to attract all the things you want to.

That’s where we come in with our strategy sessions. 

Our strategy sessions are like therapy for your business (and yes, you’ll even sleep better at night!)

We’ll help comprehensively and concisely articulate your positioning, set goals for your business and marketing efforts, and identify opportunities for you to take your business forward.

In the end you’ll have complete clarity on how to best communicate what you do and how you do it 

differently and why that matters to your clients, referrers and future team members. 

You’re an expert, it’s our job to help you articulate your magic and make sure that all opportunities you have to communicate that to your potential clients, referrals and employees is maximised.

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