What is your Hero content?

Batman? Captain Marvel? Deadpool?

Not all hero's wear capes!! (sorry I always wanted to use that).

At BB we're all about hero's..... ok hero pieces.

You see brand is everything if you're going to grow your business beyond just you. And the only way to grow your brand is with great content.

That's it. There's literally no other way.

Why? Because anonymity is death in business no matter your size. That matters as much off-line as it does online. We're not just talking Instagram here, brand is personal as well. Your brand is the way you are perceived by people that interact with you. Before and after that interaction.

So if you want to grow your business, attract more clients and build what you set out to build then your content and how you distribute it is paramount.

In a nut shell it is a piece of “content” that stands in the centre of everything. It’s valuable, and easily re-purposed.

It could be video content, it could be blog content, it could be events or it could be a podcast. Yes we've thrown events in as content because they can be the centre point of your strategy.

What makes a great hero?

A great hero piece is ultimately both something you want to be known for, and something that can easily be used across multiple platforms in different ways. A hero stands out amongst all your other pieces of content as the centrepiece and is in every practical way the path to the tangible result.

For us the Beyond Billables podcast is the Hero. The podcast allows us to make over 36 different pieces of content each month. From the podcast itself, to videos, to blogs, to social captions. It also fulfils the “off-line” aspects of great content asa a piece everyone we meet discusses with us and a great way to meet people and build relationships. Our values, our mission and our very business is represented through our podcast and ultimately all our marketing efforts bring everyone back to the podcast.

For us, our marketing is all about ending up having more coffees, so our framework is all about delivering on that and the podcast is the best vehicle as the hero. That is our goal because for our business that is the point where marketing stops and BD begins (no one will simply click “buy” on a 6 month $5000 a month package). It is not the place where brand stops though, because that impacts buying decisions for everyone. But if you're still following along you'll notice that ultimately our framework leverages the hero piece of content to end up at our key sales point (coffee).

Now obviously podcasts aren't for everyone. Some people are great with video and want to make that their hero. And for good reason. If you pay any attention to engagement levels on social media you'll realise video gets the most. With a video hero you will be making content every day for Youtube, Instagram, Instagram stories, IGTV, LinkedIn and Facebook. You'll “repurpose” that into blog posts, insta posts, fb captions etc. Maybe you do an interview show on video, maybe it is more educational, or maybe it is about how you deliver your service. Either way as long as the hero ends up being flexible enough to be used across the right platforms (so you get discovered) in a variety of ways then it will lead to whatever your key sales / conversion point is.

So that's it. If you want to grow an audience, a hero is a great place to start.

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