Michael Fox - Co-Founder of Fable Food Co

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How would you bounce back after the business you’ve worked on for a decade fails (and everyone in the country knows about it)? What if I told you your wife is heavily pregnant, you have to leave the country, you lost investors a packet and you’ve been wiped out in the process?

For my friend Michael Fox, he put his head down, found a new passion, and got back into the game and is already making a huge success of it.

On the show today I am so glad to share my recent interview with the Co-founder of Fable, former Co-Founder of Shoes of Prey and one-time lawyer Michael Fox. I’ve known Michael since law school, and have enjoyed many great chats over the years as well as learned a hell of a lot watching his journey. We discussed his exciting new venture Fable, his journey with Shoes of Prey and how he found purpose again and jumped back into the entrepreneurial ring. Michael’s story is inspiring and important in these hard times for anyone who might be struggling. Whatever happens in business, you can rebuild and can re-invent yourself in ways that serve others and allow you to live your values.

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