Jahan Kalantar - Head of Litigation at Executive Legal

Jahan may refer to himself as a “little guy lawyer”, but we think he is an absolute legend of a lawyer and human.Head of Litigation at Executive Legal, a human rights activist, Tik Tok superstar and all around brilliant content creator, Jahan is a leading light in the legal industry.

On the show we chatted about all of this, his journey in law and the struggle we all go through finding balance and managing our own expectations.

What did I get out of it?

A realisation that the authentic and real Jahan that shows up in my Tik Tok is the same passionate person IRL and that a focus on service and value with your content and not sales is the best way to build real connection.To listen to the show head on over to iTunes, Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Listen to the entire episode here