Alex Su - Head of Community Engagement at Ironclad

On the Beyond Billables podcast this week I sat down with the one and only Alex Su, Head of Community Development at Ironclad.

Alex was an attorney at a leading US firm before starting his own firm and ultimately moving into sales and business development in legal technology. However, you probably know Alex from his brilliant social media content!

Using humour and meme’s to bring awareness to serious issues in the profession Alex has built a huge audience. From legal technology to burnout and everything in between, Alex has brought many laughs to literally millions of people while making a serious point about what needs to change and what opportunities exist to improve the legal industry.

In the podcast, we dive into his journey and spend a lot of time pulling apart his strategy on social media. He shares real insight on his iterative approach, and how law firms, legal technology companies and other professionals can better reach their audience. This was an incredibly fun chat with someone I admire hugely so I hope you enjoy it.

Listen to the entire episode here