Peerpoint stood with us to bring thrive to Australia.

We help tell Peerpoint's story on the Beyond Billables podcast and through a variety of blog pieces (read below!). We are huge fans of Peerpoint and their drive to offer outstanding lawyers a career that is both fulfilling professionally and gives them personal control. 

Want to know more? Peerpoint is all about more control, choice, challenge and calibre.

This is the advantage Peerpoint offer their consultants and what sets them apart. Peerpoint offers clients a way to access a panel of top-tier, senior lawyers who have the skills and expertise to work with their businesses’ legal and compliance teams with the support of A&O.

Peerpoint operates from Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Sydney, supporting progressive lawyers in defining their careers. The Peerpoint panel is made up of lawyers with several years’ post-qualification experience, usually some of it spent in-house or on secondment.

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Fiona Dernikovic - Peerpoint Consultant

“The opportunity to network and share stories with consultants has proved invaluable, providing me with bespoke professional support to help me excel in my role.”

I spent the first ten years of my career working on big litigation projects in private practice, before the opportunity arose to take on two in-house secondments. I enjoyed the strategic and commercial focus that came with an in-house role, as well as working one on one with clients, and this prompted my move into consultancy.

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Coming from a top-tier background, I found Peerpoint’s values around quality work, servicing great clients, and offering varied and interesting assignments aligned with my own professional ambitions. Meeting this team only compounded this further. Peerpoint is professional and enthusiastic about what it does, and is an exciting force in the market. I joined the panel in November last year and began my first placement the following February.

Consulting provides the opportunity to experience a range of different clients and industries, while giving you more flexibility and control of your career. It’s been fascinating to see projects play out from the client’s perspective, and to experience first hand the different focuses and challenges they face. The transition to consultancy has been smooth thanks to Peerpoint’s informed advice and strong on-boarding process. The opportunity to network and share stories with consultants has proved invaluable, providing me with bespoke professional support to help me excel in my role.

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Peerpoint take the future so seriously, they commissioned a world first report.

With "The Future for Legal Talent Report" Peerpoint surveyed over 1000 in-house, private practice and consultant lawyers on issues such as how they define success, career expectations, motivations and the legal industry's future. The results provoke significant questions and offer insight for decision makers in the context of a changing legal industry landscape. The findings offer a unique insight into the views of lawyers at the coal face of pervasive industry change and provide meaningful feedback on what they feel are the pressing issues for both them and the organisations they work for.

To read more, download the full free report here.