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LawLancer was born to meet the changing landscape of law, by harnessing the power of technology and mobilising thousands of engaged but under utilised freelance clerks currently studying across the country. 

LawLancer gives law firms access to a scalable and flexible workforce through an online marketplace to alleviate resources and meet client demands, while providing law students with quality paid opportunities to gain real world experience. 

We love LawLancer so much, we've had them on our podcast twice! Check out the show with Janelle Kerrisk on Beyond Billables and on the More than Marketing Show! 

If you're a firm or business owner who could use help with your research, or a potential LawLancer, go to www.lawlancer.legal to check it out and prepare for launch.


In their own words…

BB are the ultimate connectors. We have expanded our freelancer network, we have been introduced to people on the front line of innovation, we have been referred work through our association with BB and we have made tremendous friends”
— Janelle Kerrisk - Founder LawLancer & Helix Legal

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