The Escape Plan Workbook - 7 Steps to Escape your career rut

The Escape Plan Workbook - 7 Steps to Escape your career rut

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Feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in your role?

Ever wondered why it was such a slog to get up and off to work every morning? Do you even know why you started law in the first place? We'll help you sort out what you value, and what you're great at, and start down the path of positive change.

Lots of lawyers feel stuck but you can do something about it.

Making a decision to leave is one thing, but it's so damn hard to know what you can actually do! We're going to solve this problem by giving you details on lots of opportunities, and helping you think laterally about the direction you want to go.

For over 30% of lawyers the grind can get too much. It sucks to struggle every day to drag yourself into the office for a job you hate. If that's you then you need a plan to get yourself out and do a job where you're fulfilled and valued.

To take that first step, develop a strategy and plan that has you moving forward and taking action on changing your life for the better, we created the 7 Step Escape Plan.

What’s inside

  • 113 pages of inspiration, stories and practical tips to help you change your life for the better.

  • 7 key topics that you will work through to help give you direction and create your own plan.

  • In depth workbook activities to complete in your own time.

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What we cover in the eBook

Create a plan to find work you love:

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  • Get to the bottom of what would make work more meaningful to you while understanding your values and strengths.

  • Be clear about your options and know exactly what you could do.

  • Learn how to take attract and take advantage of opportunity that others can't.

  • Learn how to change your mindset and outthink the opposition to get ahead in a changing profession.

  • Create your own personal escape plan and start implementing it to find work you love.