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Free consultation

+ What will we do?

Let's get together in person or on a call to chat about your business, go over all the questions you have and colour you in on our process. It's free and usually takes about half an hour.

+ Who is it for?

We help owners of businesses with high ambitions and higher expectations! Our background is in the legal and recruiting industries, but we know most professional services businesses have very similar issues to attracting clients and growing. So whether you are a law firm, accounting practice, recruitment agency or travel business. If you have high expectations of quality, and want to grow, we're here to help.

+ How can we meet?

We like to have a chat on the phone first and then set up an in person coffee or a skype/vc call at your convenience. We have run an international business for 9 years and are very used to working with remote teams so distance is absolutely no issue for us.

+ What will we cover?

The first session is all about getting to know you and your business. we want to understand how you attract work, what your goals are and give you some guidance as to whether we would be a good fit. We aren't for everyone, it is a pre-requisite to working with us that your business is open to embracing innovation and the owners have a common purpose.

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Bespoke Brand, Content & Marketing Plan’s

From Launching to rebrands, social media to facebook ads. We’ll create a plan just for your business.

+ What will we do?

We'll spend over four hours together crafting a comprehensive brand, social media and marketing plan.

Everyome is different, so we tailor our plans to meet your needs. Whether that is a focus on brand, social media or content we will help create a plan and give you a roadmap to execute. Whether you're launching something new, looking to engage with more clients, or doing a complete brand overhaul, we can help make it a success.

+ The "Insight" Session

First, we need to get to know your business, your goals and your ambitions. We'll sit down and discuss what you do well, what you don't do well, what priorities you can set and what you need help with. We'll look at where your clients come from, how you win work, your client on-boarding process, your competitors, and your place in the market. basically, we'll do a deep dive into your business to see what is working and start to discuss how you can make improvements. This session will involve significant goal and priority setting and lots of discussing different approaches to growing your brand. We'll discuss and ideate around your referral pipelines, on boarding process, how you can be more valued by your clients, and how you can stand out from competitors (amongst many other things!).

+ Your goals, your options

This session is very much tailored to your present business need. Generally, we will provide insight into growing your profile, what resources to use, and what works. We'll discuss your clients, the content you make, what works, and where you should start to invest your time. Our approach is focused on helping you create value for clients (and be more valued) and working out how you can differentiate yourself from competitors. This session will cover your market, your options, the goals and outcomes you want to achieve, and how you can do that. We'll answer all your questions about social media, advertising, content options or anything else you want to know about grwoing your brand or launching something new. In addition to this if we feel it can add value to your business we can organise a free SEO and Google AdWords session with our partners Web3.

+ Your Plan

Finally we'll provide you with a comprehensive plan to nail your desired outcome whether that's a launch, a rebrand, or just attracting more clients! The plan will give you specific and actionable steps as well as detailed options. The plan generally takes 2-3 weeks to compile after our last session. Depending on your project some of the topics we can cover include:

  • Our advice on your messaging and how you can stand out as a trusted expert.
  • Launch strategy for your new business or product
  • What social media channels to focus on and the type of content you should be creating for each to engage with the right clients.
  • A comprehensive overview of your current social media and referral strategy.
  • A competitor analysis to see what they do well and what they don't to recognise holes to take advantage of.
  • An outline of over a dozen different pieces of blog or other content you can get started with right away. This will include specific topics and blog article outlines you can action right away.
  • Lead generation options to grow your client and email marketing lists.
  • Advice on improving your client engagement process.
  • Actionable steps to build your referral base.

+ How do we do it?

We meet in person or over skype / vc with all our clients for both sessions. We will deliver the plan which will include a proposal for ongoing help wherever you tell us you might need it during the sessions. If you want our ongoing help we will get right to work, or if you want to action it all yourself it is completely up to you.

+ What does it cost?

Everyone's plans are a little different... because everyone's goals are! Generally depending on the level of complexity you can expect to pay between $2999 and $4999 for your plan. Of course, we scope out the entire process and our fees are agreed in advance or this wouldn't be Beyond Billables!!


Content & Marketing done for you.

+ What will we do?

It's up to you! Whatever help you need we will craft an individual package for your firm to help deliver on your ambitions.

We can manage all your social media marketing needs including crafting beautiful Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Blog writing, podcast and audio production.

Business coaching and ongoing personal support.

Help growing your referral network.

Help with engaging our vast network to grow your brand.

Facebook + Instagram Ads management and implementation.

Help implementing internal innovation projects.

+ What content do we make?

We can take over all your content marketing production. Whether you are looking to implement audio, want to keep consistent with your blog, or start an email newsletter, we can take it off your hands. Our team of creatives and content marketing experts love crafting content to help you attract more clients, grow referrals and build your brand. We believe in the power of SEO optimised content to attract more attention, work and opportunity to your firm. We have a special affinity to audio and podcast creation and love creating strategies to help you engage with your ideal audience and find your firms voice.

+ How do we do it?

We deliver our services on a monthly basis depending on the length of your contract. We like to do everything a month in advance and get your feedback at the outset so that you don't have to worry about any of your content for the entire month. We work with you to get the voice and branding right and deliver the quality that you expect.

+ How does it work?

For everyone that does the Strategy & Insight package we will create a detailed proposal scoping out exactly what we feel you need to take your brand to the next level. Cost is dependent entirely on what you need and want. Our packages range from $2000 a month to $5000 a month for an average client.

+ Why do we do it?

We've created multiple national and interntional brands through the power of great content, social media marketing and network building. with over a decades experience creating great content and a team full of outstanding creatives we are supremely confident in our ability to help our clients grow their brands and business.

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