Legally Yours

Access to legal services simplified

Legally Yours is a leading legal services platform designed to connect every day Australian’s with the best possible legal solutions. By offering certainty of cost, and access to the very best legal minds, Legally Yours provides something unique to serve both the market and the profession. 


After three years Legally Yours  needed to grow its profile with the legal community to attract new panel members before looking to scale up engagement Australia wide with people searching for legal services. The team needed new brand assets, consistency to messaging, a new website, content that attracted more members and clarity in its strategy to take the next step in growing within a short time frame. 

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Getting the messaging clearer and simpler to the market and pivoting to ensure they were engaging more directly with potential members was an important first step. From there we worked together to ensure consistency across platforms.

Messaging to the law firms was focused on connection, community and the amazing people that made up the panel and team. On the customer side, we focused on overcoming key fears and problems people have with engaging lawyers. Ultimately trust comes through personal connection, and many other service providers were focusing on technology, rather than people.

The colour palette, image style and brand elements all strike a relaxed, approachable aesthetic that is different to all their competitors. We focused on making the brand accessible and relatable, with some striking colour to attract attention and differentiate it from “old law”. From the website to social, we leveraged new content like video and a basic advertising campaign.

  • New branding and style guide
  • New social media brand assets
  • Content & marketing campaign
  • Launched newsletter campaign
  • Created various marketing assets
  • Supported and promoted multiple sold-out events.
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Legally Yours more than doubled its panel of lawyers and increased community reach by over 200 X in less than 6 months. They exponentially increased their brand awareness across the legal industry and saw engagement with new members skyrocket. From relative anonymity outside of Melbourne after three years, to a growing national legal brand in 6 months.

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