Zohar Fisher - Robus Consulting Israel

Our timing for this week's show couldn't be better with the launch of our >More than Marketing Show. Why? Because this week we speak with Zohar Fisher who is a global authority on legal marketing and business development strategy as the Founder of Robus Consulting, Israel's leading agency. The reason we had Zohar on the show is he works in the most saturated legal market on the planet so the question of how to differentiate your firm is one he has dealt with as a matter of course. With a population of 8.5 million there are approximately 70,000 lawyers in Israel so the question of how to stand out is one we had to speak with Zohar about.

He is one of the leading veteran strategy consultants in the field of legal marketing in the Israeli legal market, and has experience and well know reputation of more than a decade in the legal business development field. Zohar has also stepped into the distributed lawyer market with LawFlex and is a legal industry entrepreneur par excellance.

In this show we cover a broad arrange of topics including:

  • The global legal market and what's happening big picture wise;

  • The past present and future of legal marketing and business development strategies;

  • The Israeli legal market and why so many lawyers and firms;

  • The ins and outs of marketing and business development in legal;

  • The future of distributed lawyer platforms like LawFlex;

  • What firms can do differently to stand out; and

  • What holds firms back from trying new things.