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Future proof your legal career - 4 sure fire ways to prepare for change

One of the great benefits of Peerpoint’s recent “The Future for Legal Talent Report” has been to better understand the key challenges lawyers identify as the profession changes. For Peerpoint, this means they can ultimately help their lawyers prepare and be ahead of the curve. Some 83% of lawyers who took part in Peerpoint’s study were aware that big change is happening…

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Richard Punt on How Big Law Firms Are Evolving, Innovation Trends and the Mindset Needed for Future Success

Listen to this episode if you’re interested in taking control of your career and moving away from outdated models. Because doing so might not necessarily mean breaking from the big law establishment. In today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we’re talking with Richard Punt who clearly articulates why this might be the case. Richard is the CEO of Allen & Overy’s Peerpoint consulting platform, where he focuses on businesses development and international expansion…

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