Sarah Bartholomeusz on Being Made Redundant, Entrepreneurship and Finding a Way to Live Your Values

If you’re interested in changing with the times as a legal professional and as an entrepreneur, then you’ll definitely want to check out this latest episode of the Beyond Billables show. Meet Sarah Bartholomeusz. Sarah is the founder and director of You Legal, one of the fastest growing corporate law firms in Australia. Her focus is corporate and commercial law, helping growing businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. She has extensive experience in the law, including providing high-level legal and corporate governance support to ASX listed companies. Check out this episode to hear a first-hand account of how Sarah dealt with being let go and ultimately rose up to start her own business. In the conversation, we also touched on the changing dynamics of legal practice, the importance of working off referrals, and ultimately what lawyers can do to prepare for the future.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus topics like:

  • How You Legal grew and attracted clients so quickly

  • Why starting in a top tier law firm is a perfect career foundation

  • You Legal’s approach to scaling

  • Why pressure is a necessary impetus to creating valuable solutions

  • How ‘going out there’ is starting to become the safer option

  • The pros and cons of a remote, globally distributed team

  • Sarah’s take on AI and offshoring

  • How to make hiring decisions as a new law firm



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