Nick Mann - Founder Polaris Lawyers - A New Approach to Personal Injury Law


There is perhaps no more maligned practice area than personal injury and compensation law but happens when you start a firm with a clean slate and really try to understand your client? This week we had the chance to speak with Nick Mann, Founder of Polaris Lawyers based in Melbourne and a lawyer who is taking a very different approach to personal injury practice and business development.

Nick is an experienced lawyer having worked for one of the country's largest compensation firms in Slater & Gordon before stepping out on his own to address many of the short-comings he identified in this area of practice.

And what a difference a fresh approach has made. In this fascinating episode we dive deep into how legal services providers can do much better around client engagement and communication channels not to mention marketing, better and more efficient process underpinned by technology and workplace culture focussed on value not time.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The personal injury industry why it has such a bad name;

  • Why potential clients don't know their rights most of the time;

  • How Polaris attack the problem of communication and client engagement;

  • How a new approach around process and technology leads to better financial, client and employee outcomes;

  • How to be a genuine and authentic advisor in what is a cut throat industry;

  • The power of collaboration;

  • New media marketing and taking an ethical approach;

  • How to create industry best referral networks.


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