Michael Chesterman - Consultant at Helix Legal

Michael Chesterman_Rectangle.jpg

This week on the show we were thrilled to host the fabulous Michael Chesterman of Helix Legal in Brisbane. With over two decades working for the building industry regulator in Queensland, Michael “wrote the book” - literally. He brings a depth of knowledge that complements the skills of all Helix Legal lawyers, so they can deliver the right solution, not just the legal answer. What I loved about this chat was hearing how Michael is able to pass on his great insight and client knowledge to the entire Helix Legal team and how valuable the firm views his contribution. As the “Insight Captain” at Helix Michael certainly gives the firm a huge leg up.

As well as chatting through his story, the client insight he brings and the way he is able to pass that on to the team, Michael opened up about making change later in his career and the great satisfaction of being in a place that values a different perspective. We spoke in depth about creating value and how satisfying it can be to teach and pass on what you know (and be valued for it).