Jasmine O’Brien on Being a Lawyer, Bravery and Finding Authenticity in Your Life

Today’s episode is a doozy. In this installment of Beyond Billables, we touch on elements of fear, sexuality, gender identity, perseverance, resilience and challenging barriers through the stories and anecdotes of a lawyer who just happens to be transgender.

Jasmine O’Brien is a Principal Lawyer at Sladen Legal. Prior to that role, Jasmine held positions as the Legal Practitioner Director with Australian Industry Group and a Senior Lawyer with Clayton Utz. Jasmine is a polished legal professional who, at the age of 29, decided to transition from male to female.

In our conversation, we traced Jasmine’s story from her origins to the challenges she faced in embracing her authentic self and ultimately finding happiness.

We had a long talk and touched on many other issues. For example:

  • The pushback and questions Jasmine faced with clients around the transitioning process

  • The state of transgender people’s position in society

  • The scope and typical content of Jasmine’s legal practice

  • The cost of having to self-censor in a professional context

  • The ways that hardships force people to develop character and coping mechanisms

  • Jasmine’s best advice for improving communication with people

  • Why taking offense or being politically correct is often not necessary

  • How you can buy loyalty through hard work and proving your value

  • The challenges of dating for transgender men and women

  • Jasmine’s experiences trying to help others and anti-discrimination work

  • Why it’s too easy for employees to make unmeritorious claims


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