Introducing Michael Bromley, Martial Artist and Recruitment Extraordinaire

Welcome to the inaugural Beyond Billables podcast. This week in our very first episode, we get to know Michael Bromley, a lawyer turned international recruiter, lover of jiu-jitsu, co-founder of Beyond Billables and all-round awesome guy. Michael has worn many hats throughout his life (even having been a child actor), and in this episode we discuss his story, touching on things like his university days, working various jobs, how he has made a career for himself in the business world and how he manages the stress that comes with it. We also discuss his love of martial arts, and the importance of finding something that you’re passionate about.

Have a listen to find out more about Michael, as well as his tips on things like:

  • Finding yourself once you’ve lost your way

  • How to regain your momentum, drive and motivation

  • The benefits of taking initiative in your career

  • Why it’s good to make the first move

  • Changing careers

  • How to get what you want, and how that can benefit you

  • Managing stress with martial arts

  • How to overcome body image issues

  • The importance of letting go of job titles

  • Why the grass isn’t always greener

  • The benefits Beyond Billables are giving to lawyers




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