Instagram for lawyers - 13 inspirational pages to follow!

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We've been featuring Instagram on our blog and on the More than Marketing show for a reason. Lawyers are winning work and growing their profile on it, and it is infinitely more enjoyable than the stuffiness of LinkedIn (really how boring is it!!). The thing is... you just can't be on Instagram and think you're going to suddenly magic up lots of clients and solve your legal marketing problems. It takes work, a good eye and thought out strategy.

These pages are all smack bang on brand, tell the story of the company and provide great insight into their service - all critical things if you want a great Insta account and to nail your marketing. A couple of them are clients of ours which we wanted to tell the world more about as well!! Sure it is cheeky but we're proud of how good they look!

They aren't all “lawyer” pages.. let's be honest, to get inspiration to dominate on Insta you want to look further than just law.

So here is our 13 pages you can't miss in all their glory!

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When you're creating a business set to shake up the market for how law students get work you have to nail your branding on Insta... and LawLancer certainly does! Check out the colours, the consistency, the design, the templates and the captioning... we love it. It is super fresh, super on point and their captioning is as good as the pictures!

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This page is amazing and it is founded by an ex lawyer turned word guru! Wordfetti's pictures and the team's activity on stories is always so inspiring and demonstrates the way the brand operates and the type of service you can expect as a client. We love the images and the always entertaining captions.

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This page is super smooth.... it screams focused and professional with a very uncluttered and refined dynamic. Kinny Legal certainly nails the consistency and aesthetic points and has a feed the envy of other firms. We love the combination of personal photos, info on what the firm does and some very cool drawn images. It's clear that Kinny Legal stands out in their space.

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Palm trees, beautiful tones and lots of the story of how Steph Taylor has developed her successful business Wild Bloom. If you want a clean look, full of lush images it is hard to go past this page. The Wildbloom team do a great job of telling their brands story, as well as giving actionable value to prospective clients. It's a treat to view the page and a testament to their talents.

Click to grab your free copy!

Click to grab your free copy!

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I'm pretty sure we have featured Girl Friday IP before, but we love it so much we had to include it in our 2018 best of! Packed full of not only beautiful pictures but amazing captions that are blogs in their own right this page is quality with a capital Q and very worthy of our high praise. What is not to love about killer content that gives incredible value to clients, and pictures of quite possibly the world's most beautiful bull dog!

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Megan is a family lawyer in Brisbane who stands out for her consistent, personal posts that show the level of care she has for her clients and the practice of law. Megan is able to combine great photos with lots of inspiration, and anyone following her account will be sure to find pick-me-ups to help them strive forward in their day! It's a great example of how you can use Instagram to stand out, communicate your brand's personality and have a great time doing it!

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This is a relatively new account but it is really unique and consistently great looking! As a firm from the Gold Coast, the team at MCG Legal use the beauty of their city and their personal experience to bring a unique perspective to their Insta. We love the combination of images and valuable content that always has a local flavour.

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Former lawyer and guest on the Beyond Billables podcast, we just had to include this account in our best of 2018. We are super jealous of all Alexis's travels and live vicariously through so many of her beautiful pictures whether in Florida, Hong Kong or New York! As a former lawyer, Alexis conveys the colour of the places she travels so well that this page is a no brainer in our best of. We love seeing everything the no pants life posts, and love the celebration of colour that Alexis nails.

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Look at it! Seriously so nice and on point. The team at Flow Legal have a beautiful feed that gives value to their followers and is able to maintain an incredibly high level that makes their brand stand out. Lot's of people use quotes, but Flow Legal just tend to nail them. Keep up the good work in 2019!

Click to grab your free copy.

Click to grab your free copy.

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Catherine Brooks, another former podcast guest on the Beyond Billables show and author nails her very personal (and beautiful) Insta strategy. Does Catherine have a book about parenting? Yes. Is it clear that she knows what she is talking about from her feed? Yes. Is there anywhere on the feed where she has to say so explicitly? No. It's great!

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The team at Legalite aren't just one of the most awarded #newlaw firms in Australia.. They also have a gorgeous Insta profile. It's personal, interesting and always consistent which we love. As an example of how to combine the story of your brand, your services and your businesses personal journey the team at Legalite really nails it.

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Last (but by no means least) we love the way this feed uses cartoons, drawings and quotes to tell its story. So many Family Law firms just get it.. the need to be both relatable to covey value to their potential clients, while differentiating themselves by telling their own story. On this front Divorcedonedifferently is a standout.


So that's it! If you want a beautiful on-brand Instagram account that brings in work and nails your marketing efforts then feel free to message us and we can chat about how we make that happen! If you have the time and skills to do it yourself we’ve made this guide to help you take it to the next level.

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