Instagram - 5 Mistakes That Will Cost You Followers


Instagram is one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms and is increasingly being used by law firms, legal tech companies and businesses of all sizes. Being image focussed, Instagram offers you the chance to show an insight into your business that is hard to match against other platforms.

We are huge fans of Instagram and it has done wonders for our business and Mike’s personal life! Engagement levels are fantastic but there are some pit falls worth noting. We've certainly had hits and misses ourselves so thought we would share them with you to save you the same pain we endured! So what are some of the key mistakes people make with their Instagram strategy and approach?

Not Engaging with Others

Instagram has the highest brand engagement rate of all social media platforms, beating out both Facebook and Twitter. A good starting point for generating engagement is to therefore follow people talking about your brand or your products and comment on their photos and videos. You can also start conversations using your own hashtags and inspire your followers to join in. Connecting with people, rather than just posting photos and videos, will lead to better relationships and a stronger business brand.

Like all social networks Instagram is social.. it is not just somewhere to dump your content and hope for the best. If you engage, others will engage with you.

Not Using Stories

People love “Instagram Stories” and it's a very effective way to engage with people and deliver high quality content that generates action. Instagram Stories gives you a fresh way to reach out to your followers, build your loyalty and it removes the traditional boundaries between you and your potential client. Using stories gives the viewer a different level of insight about your business, product or service and it's also great at conveying what you are about from a business and cultural perspective.

Trying to Always Sell Stuff

Ads are everywhere these days for better or worse and Instagram is no exception (after all, it's the way they make their money!). We know when we are scrolling through Instagram the last thing we want to look at is something blatantly trying to convince us to buy their product or use their service.

If you are always trying to sell something, clients and customers will swipe straight past your stories. The key is to keep your content audience-focussed as well as staying engaged to provide value. There's no issue in asking for the sale or running Insta ads (we do!), but you have to deliver value first and foremost. Each touch point on Instagram should provide entertainment or information and you should save the hard sell for selected posts only. Give, give, give and ask!

Not having a plan or strategy

This one is probably the biggest mistake people make when it comes to Instagram mainly because it is such an aesthetically focussed platform that they think they can get away with it. Most people don't get the traction they could because they don't focus on their brand story and they don’t take the time to prepare. Having a consistent and aesthetically pleasing feed require you to put some time into designing images or templates that are consistent with your brand and planning when you post and what you post. Having a consistent quality to your posts, delivering value that is telling your brands story and making sure it all works together will do wonders for your Insta game. Without planning and thought it is very difficult to get any traction.

Take a typical consumer who is scrolling through the explore feed and a photo catches their eye. For some reason, this image is intriguing and subsequently, they tap the username and look at he profile. This is a pivotal moment and any goal you could conceivably have hinges on these critical few seconds. It seems absurd but there is a real science around the fact that your layout, colour scheme and caption game is important in creating an instagram feed that people want to engage with.

Not Making Content for your Target Audience

Instagram gives you the chance to show your clients why you and your service really is different, and why it is valuable. But so many people don't focus their content enough on their key client and what that key client wants to see on Instagram. Going through the process of thinking about this, and developing a feed focused on this key client, is critical. What do they want to look at, learn, feel? Just putting anything up, or trying to appeal to too many people, will mean your target client won't feel like your feed is for them.

So those are some quick traps to avoid! We have lots more Instagram focused blog articles, podcasts and webinars coming real soon. If you haven't check it out yet have a look at this post on 13 Instagram accounts to follow!

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