Dr George Beaton - Founder of beaton and Professional Services Expert

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On the show today we had the great pleasure of interviewing the amazing Dr George Beaton. George is the Founder of beaton, the pre-eminent ratings and review consultancy for professionals around the world. George has had a long and distinguished career in academia as well earning MBBCh, MBA and PhD degrees. George was a senior fellow in the Law School at the University of Melbourne and taught at the Melbourne Business School for decades. With a long career in academia and business George brings incredible insight to our discussions which covered client service, value based pricing and the future of practice.

George is presently Chair of the College of Law's new Master of Legal Business which is welcoming it's first students in February. This is a world first program designed from the ground up to equip professionals with the skills in business to spearhead great organisations. We discussed why this program is so important, what the College is trying to achieve, and what legal and other professionals can expect.

We covered everything from client experience to branding, valued-based pricing to the role of technology. Enjoy the show! 

Check out the details on the Master of Legal Business - https://www.collaw.edu.au/news/2018/09/25/master-of-legal-business-degree

Beaton - https://www.beatonglobal.com/

George Beaton - https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgerbeaton/