Fiona Craig on Pivoting Away from the Law, Honest Conversations and Finding a Way to Thrive

Meet Fiona Craig, a Scottish-Aussie and former corporate lawyer (with a larger than life personality) who thrives on connecting people in business and inspiring women to build brilliance in their career and life. We were lucky enough to have her on the Beyond Billables show to pick her brain and be inspired by her stories. Featured in the SMH, Women’s Fitness, Smart Company, Marie Claire, Women’s Agenda and The Huffington Post, Fiona is a professional speaker, trainer and coach with expertise in helping lawyers and other professionals build strong communication, influencing and networking skills to enhance their career success.

Having moved to Australia knowing no-one, she has built a thriving and valuable network from scratch in three different cities. She is the founder SmartWomen Connect, which is fast becoming the go-to networking and professional development group for career women in Sydney. Fiona is a spark plug with a lot of insight into not only the legal industry but also how to be successful in life.

In our conversation, we dug deep into things like:

  • The importance of listening to your heart

  • Why moving from law practice to recruitment can be a natural progression

  • The skills and characteristics required to be a good recruiter

  • How women can succeed in the traditionally alpha-male world of the law

  • The critical importance of mindset in all the things you do

  • Smartwomen Connect organisation, its genesis, vision and future

  • The coming generational changes in the legal industry

  • The damaging mindset of ‘up or out’, or hyper competitiveness

  • How cancer can teach some of life’s most important lessons

  • The incredible power of networks and having strong connections



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