David Field on Workaholism, Facing Legal Disruption and Finding Balance through Creativity

Check out this episode of the Beyond Billables podcast to hear a first-hand account about how you can use your passions to improve your working life. Our guest is David Field. David is currently the chief counsel at Canon Australia, a seasoned solicitor and one of the forces behind the artistic project, Lifetimes in Law. Previously, David was the operational general counsel at Telstra, and he currently sits on the board of the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation. And if all this wasn’t enough, he speaks fluent Mandarin. In our conversation, we talked about David’s journey in the law and what initially motivated him to take this path. Along the way, we also touched on how being a lawyer can consume your life, what technological advancements mean for the legal industry and how David has used his creative passion to counterbalance his professional life.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus topics like:

  • How the human element factors into the context of legal tech

  • Methods that lawyers can use to develop judgment more quickly

  • What drove David’s desire to move in-house

  • Tristan Jepson, and asking the hard questions of legal culture

  • How legal service bundles are being unraveled and streamlined

  • AI developments and how the legal profession should respond

  • The value in developing ‘soft’ skills

  • David’s passion for photography and how it’s helped him with balance

  • How law firms can improve their approach with new lawyers



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