Claire Madden on Generation Z, Changing Demographics and New Versions of a Successful Life

Want to glimpse into the future of generational dynamics? In this episode of the Beyond Billables podcast, we chatted with demographer Claire Madden to try to make some sense of what some of these generational shifts mean in a legal context. Claire is a great person to talk to because, beyond being a social researcher, she's also a keynote presenter, TEDx speaker, media commentator and business communicator. We covered a lot of ground in our conversation and worked through the key findings in Claire’s forthcoming book, Hello Gen Z. We dug into the characteristics of Gen Z, areas where they excel, areas where they may be lacking, the elements that have shaped them, and, ultimately, how they can change the legal profession and how it needs to change with them.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus topics like:

  • The defining characteristics of Gen Z

  • How technology has formulated a more collaborative new generation

  • What it means to say Gen Z is ‘very relational’

  • Why job mobility and flexibility matter more now than stability

  • Why attitudes have casualised toward work

  • The areas where Gen Z is lacking and need to professionally develop

  • How legal employers can begin catering to the new generation

  • Why Gen Z has such a strong desire to be social and make a positive change

  • What future legal clients look like

  • Why Gen Z carries a currency and a relevancy that matters now



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