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Future proof your legal career - 4 sure fire ways to prepare for change

One of the great benefits of Peerpoint’s recent “The Future for Legal Talent Report” has been to better understand the key challenges lawyers identify as the profession changes. For Peerpoint, this means they can ultimately help their lawyers prepare and be ahead of the curve. Some 83% of lawyers who took part in Peerpoint’s study were aware that big change is happening…

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Who's helping the forgotten majority?

I was part of a big problem. For many years as a head hunter my primary focus was on lawyers at top firms. I had very little understanding of anyone outside of a very select few firms and a complete lack of understanding of their needs. Fair enough too, that was my job.

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Leaving the law: 24 realistic alternative careers for lawyers

A list of realistic alternative careers for lawyers that don't require you to spend the next 10 years studying. Some of them are a big leap across from practice, others are more of a tip-toe. But, they all have one thing in common; you'll be utilising some of the same skills you developed in your first few years in practice. If you're considering leaving the law, you need to read this list.

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